Buck and Hickman

Buck & Hickman has been a name synonymous with quality tools for over 180 years. In 2011 Brammer, one of Europe’s leading distributor of industrial parts and tools bought the business for £27.6m.

Manchester Sign Co. have provided Brammer with signs and vehicle liveries for over 20 years. Having already rebranded Brammer twice before, organising a nationwide rollout of new signs was something we had experience of.

Exterior Buck & Hickman signs were removed, and changed to reflect the joint branding. Also reception slat walls were covered in matt blue vinyl and new counter tops fitted.

In addition to signs, all existing vans had to be changed to reflect the new company image.

  • Unit 25, Failsworth Ind. Estate,
    Greenhalgh Street,
    Manchester, M35 0BN